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Trade me your 2008-09 OPC Retros!  I’ll take any and all!

2008-09 O-Pee-Chee Update Retro #798 - Luke Schenn

I usually detest parallels, but I geeked out when I saw these.  These are downright beautiful and very well executed by Upper Deck, and I think near perfect for a modern day product.  I especially adore the card stock.  I wish Topps would print their baseball base set on this stock every year…


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Leadoff – A Couple of Cards I Like

These are a couple of my favourite cards for various reasons, none of which is their monetary worth.

1992-93 Upper Deck #613 - Viktor Kozlov

The reason I enjoy Kozlov’s RC has nothing to do with Kozlov, but has everything to do with the picture on the back:

The Back.

The reason I like this card so much is because of the excellent photo on the reverse.  The action shot makes Kozlov look positively gargantuan and I like to think of him as the Incredible Hulk smashing his way through the opposing defense on the way to violently smushing the goalie with his thumb.  The defenders flanking Kozlov here look like annoying gnats and seem hopelessly outmatched like a puny Wolverine trying to fight the Hulk.  Again.  They should’ve just tried to team tackle him.

1993 Upper Deck On Deck #D10 - Dennis Eckersley

I generally liked this insert set made by Upper Deck back in 1993 because it showed players in a relaxed state and provided a glimpse into their personalities.  At the time, I traded a Carlos Delgado card from this set to a speculator who gave me 14 of the cards from this set.  I was happy at the time until I figured out Delgado was going to be a star for my hometown Blue Jays, but in retrospect, I’m now much happier with the haul I took in.  This card of Eck isn’t appealing to me because of the front though – again, the back hides the real treasure.

Can you spot Eck's comedically poor judgment?

This card is hilarious.  Most players included in this set were asked to name a player they’d pick to start a team around, and while there were many obvious choices, Eckersley for some reason seems to fear Travis Fryman as if he were God himself and wasn’t too keen on being the last kid picked on the playground.  Assuming that Eck is going on 1992 stats, Fryman’s line looks like this: .266/.316/20/96.  Respectable in most cases, but I’m not sure it merits the kind of praise a dispersal draft first pick would be indicative of.  I’m not about to look it up, but maybe Fryman had a record of victimizing Eck in their one-on-one battles…

Out of the 12 cards I have from this set, the vote tally turned out like this:
Ken Griffey Jr. – 2 votes
Barry Bonds – 2 votes
Kirby Puckett – 3 votes (Includes one self vote)
Lenny Dykstra – 1 vote (Straw)
Travis Fryman -1 vote  (Eck)
Andy Van Slyke – 1 vote (himself)
Barry Larkin – 1 vote

Three players I have, Ryno, Jose Canseco and Wade Boggs weren’t asked or elected not to answer the question.  Overall, Kirby Puckett won the very divided vote with 3 out of 11 polled.  One of which was Kirby Puckett.

If anyone has more of these cards, I’d be happy to trade for them!

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